1. Packing for relatives (food & home provided)
  2. Packing for hotel stay (shelter provided)
  3. Packing for camping (no food or shelter provided)

Families can be organized when kids help by packing themselves so parents can focus on other packing

  • Packing list template with blank number of shirts and shorts to fill in differently with each different trip
  • Don’t have to rethink items to take each trip
  • List has daily clothes, pajamas, swimsuits, things to do in the car…
  • List has columns for each kid to mark their own
  • Shorter trips whatever goes, but longer trips may need to be double checked before putting in the car
  • List are easily accessible so kids can be packing at the same time

Different levels of kitchen supplies

  • Mid level list includes items for specific locations like hiking book, sports equipment,
  • Plan ahead to know what’s in the area before you go
  • Lists are not always fool proof, items may get forgotten, but lists help get items out of mind and onto list before it’s forgotten

Camping lists available on internet

  • has several different camping lists to help families stay organized
  • Find a list that fits your needs, all inclusive but not overboard
  • Save camping list and use over and over
  • Weigh what’s necessary or not necessary each time
  • Lightweight games came in handy on a scout campout
  • Find simple supplies that are versatile and can be used for many purposes
  • Write down on your running camping list what you missed one trip, so it won’t be missed next time

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3 thoughts to “002: Home: Packing Lists for Organized Family Trips

  • Amy Conklin

    Great suggestions! Will be implementing the general list idea & filling in the number of shirts etc for the kids to gather their things! Great information & ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • April Day

    You mentioned in the podcast you would share your basic list. Where can I find that?

    • Dave

      We’re asking people to sign up for the email list in order to get access to some of our resources. You can signup by going here:


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