Getting ready to launch this project has been something of a staggered process.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

That’s what it has felt like the last couple months as we have been mulling over the topic of what it means to be an organized family. We started the blog, “The Organized Family” over at, but a number of people we talked to told us that our domain name stunk and that there were better names out there, we decided to move. We’d only been there a short time and had not had any traffic to speak of. So, here we are.

Another thing we discovered is that we don’t do posting/writing really well. We find it difficult to keep up on it. But sitting down to talk? That we can do.

The last thing we discovered is that Amy has a lot of the ideas or thoughts, but that she rarely has the inclination to write it all down while I (Dave) do. So, we thought, “Why not do a podcast?”

With a podcast, we can talk about the subject and then Dave can go back and take the main points out of it and write up a post. We’d publish the podcast episode along with the show notes and that would be the new version of the blog.

So, that’s what we are going to be doing going forward. New site. New format. Some of the good old content.

Then we started looking at the Free Podcast Course and discovered we needed to define who our avatar was.

So, today we went through that exercise. Good stuff.

With that done, we still have a number of things to complete before launching the podcast, namely:

  1. Record at least three, if not more, episodes of the podcast
  2. Create/contract a podcast logo
  3. Finish configuring the site. That includes:
    1. SEO plugins
    2. Banner image
    3. Podcast configuration
  4. Find people to promote the site/link back to us

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